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"Falling down doesn't, make you a failure, But staying down does."

Kali Academy of Martial Arts Inc.     Train with Grandmaster Norman Suanico and Guro Sonny Padilla who have done a lot of work to bring the art of Ilustrisimo Kali to martial arts practitioners in Alberta, Canada. Between the two of them they have more then half a century of martial arts knowledge. It is amazing to train with men who were close friends and student of Grandmaster "Tatang" Antonio Ilustrisimo.
     Grandmaster Norman is mentioned by Tony Diego and Christopher Rickets in their book "The Secrets of Kali's Ilustrisimo" as one of the twelve people who got their certification in Ilustrisimo Kali directly from the grandmaster himself.
     Their school is a true treasure for those who seek to find genuine Filipino Martial Arts.

Master Norman Suanico
Norman Suanico
203 - 4929 - 50 St.
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4N 1X9

Bus: [403] 343-3350
Fax: [403] 343-3350
Guro Sonny Padilla
Guro Sonny Padilla
Graduates of the GST Level 2 course
Graduates of the GST Level 2 course for Military and Law Enforcement Officers
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