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Emergency Preparedness 101

Taught By Dax Williams

Our Emergency Preparedness course is taught as an addendum to our Hive Combative curriculum, and covers similar material but as it applies to the security needs we all have, in other aspects of our lives. 

Come to learn or to gain a better understanding of basic needs and how to prepare to accommodate them when disaster strikes, natural or otherwise. We cover the need for skill specific training and the resources to learn them in further courses with us, or on your own. Make time for this course and be educated on topics that could save your skin, and make emergency situations more tolerable for you and your friends/ family before the need to do so is looming. 

Attendees will leave with a game plan and literature to keep that plan fresh and relevant; as well as a mind frame that will leave them with a new depth of understanding. Security of self extends far beyond finances and physical altercations.

Call and reserve your spot today.

Seminar Fee: $75.00 (+GST)