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Kali Ilustrisimo- Basic Single Stick continuation-BSSc

Basic single stick/ sword, lays the groundwork for excellence in your FMA training.

Continue the foundations of Kali Ilustrisimo with this 6 hour seminar. Attendance at the previous seminar is recommended but not required, as there will be a short review of the material presented. Another BSS seminar will be available to those who did not attend the previous one. 

  • Review of Ilustrisimo system footwork and striking pattern/ angles of attack
  • Basic attack and defensive striking combinations, applied with oblique & horizontal movement drills
  • Disarming via standing joint locks
  • Stick locking/ submission 
  • Alternative parrying patterns (long range)

All attendees of this seminar you will be provided with a course outline for the material presented.

Please bring:

  • comfortable training clothes (including clean indoor shoes if you prefer)
  • escrima (training sticks)
  • water bottle
  • notebook

Please note that escrima ($25, per pair) and carrying cases ($15) will be available for sale as well as water bottles ($1) and club shirts ($20), if desired.

Lunch break is 30 minutes, please bring a lunch with you. There are also a number of locations nearby that will provide food expediently. Alternatively, contact PG Dax to have lunch arranged for an additional $20. 

Instructor: Punong Guro Dax Williams

Cost: $75 (+gst)

Location: Kali Academy of Martial Arts