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Kali Ilustrisimo- Intermediate Single Stick (ISS)

Intermediate single stick/ sword builds on the foundations built in the previous BSS and BSSc seminars.

Increase your proficiency of the Kali Ilustrisimo  system with this 6 hour seminar. Attendance at the previous seminar is recommended but not required, as there will be a short review of the material presented. Another BSS and BSSc seminar will be available to those who did not attend the previous ones. 

This seminar will start to tie in changing ranges vs. an armed opponent/ assailant as well as built reaction patterns in the event of an unforeseen attack.

  • Review of Ilustrisimo system footwork and striking pattern/ angles of attack
  • Expanding on the signature attack and defensive striking combinations of Kali Ilustrisimo
  • Bringing combat from long  to medium and close range 
  • Inverted weapon application 
  • Alternative parrying patterns 
  • Weapon retention techniques

All attendees of this seminar you will be provided with a course outline for the material presented.

Please bring:

  • comfortable training clothes (including clean indoor shoes if you prefer)
  • escrima (training sticks)
  • water bottle
  • notebook

Please note that escrima ($25, per pair) and carrying cases ($15) will be available for sale as well as water bottles ($1) and club shirts ($20), if desired.

Lunch break is 30 minutes, please bring a lunch with you. There are also a number of locations nearby that will provide food expediently. Alternatively, contact PG Dax to have lunch arranged for an additional $20.  Please note that while the event is listed as child friendly, please help us observe a minimum age of 12 y.o. Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Instructor: Grand Maestro Norman Suanico and Punong Guro Dax Williams

Cost: $75 (+gst)

Location: Kali Academy of Martial Arts (203- 4929 50th Street)