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Hive Combatives: Self Defense

Improve your odds in any violent encounter by learning the fundamentals of personal protection and self defense.  

The Hive Combative system will give you the tools necessary to identify and handle yourself during violent interaction and attack. This 6 hour seminar provides principal based instruction illustrated by tested techniques.

Our method of instruction doesn't just teach you how to attack and counterattack an assailant, we take the time to explain how what we are doing works and give you the opportunity to test it for yourself. This builds confidence and ability while minimising the gaps in the action/ reaction patterns of our neural processes.  

Attendees will receive exposure and explanation about violence, where it comes from, what it does and how we can mitigate its effects in our day to day lives.  Learn to make yourself a hard target and apply the information to conflict situations ranging far beyond violent encounters. This strategy enables individuals to become more proficient by practising the fundamentals in everyday situations.

Topics covered include (but not limited to):

  • Conflict Communication
  • Escape and Evasion
  • Violence and Human Development
  • Thought Process Drilling and Awareness Excercises
  • Combat Psychology
  • Attack Identification
  • O.C. Counter Attack
  • Fundamentals of Physiological Locks/ Chokes vs. Pain Compliance

All attendees of this seminar you will be provided with a course outline for the material presented. Take the time to get involved in this incredibly interactive seminar series. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions (publicly or privately) and leave no stone unturned. See you there!

Please bring:

  • comfortable training clothes (including clean indoor shoes if you prefer)
  • water bottle
  • notebook

Please note that water bottles ($1) and club shirts ($20), are available for purchase if desired.

Lunch break is 30 minutes, please bring a lunch with you. There are also a number of locations nearby that will provide food expediently. Alternatively, contact directly to have lunch arranged for an additional $20.  Please note that while the event is listed as child friendly, please help us observe a minimum age of 12 y.o. Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Instructor: Dax Williams

Cost: $55 (+gst)

Location: Kali Academy of Martial Arts (203- 4929 50th Street)