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Dax began his training under Grand Maestro Norman Suanico and Maestro Arsenio S. Padilla when he was 16 years old and within him the Maestros found a willing and able student. Through regular daily training and dedication to spreading the gift given to him by his instructors Dax grew to compete in both the Philippies and Thailand in a myriad of Kali, Arnis and Escrima systems as well as Muay Thai under his Kru(s) Andy Thompson and Kamon Den Khaengraeng at Lanna (Kiat Busaba) Gym. He has since grown to inherit the school and is currently responsible for its management and upkeep.

In addition to his experience in traditional, and competitive martial arts, Dax spent nearly a decade specialising in nightclub, event, and personal security. Working in this industry gave him a kind of perspective that is unique, as only witnessing and protecting people at their worst can impart.   

This perspective gave him a vision to develop a self defence curriculum tailored for civilians that is not heavily influenced by sport, tradition or the often touted military type self defence systems. Hive Combatives is his brainchild and was built and rebuilt over 5 years before finally being developed to the point he was confident in its content to teach openly to the public outside of closed seminars for peer review.