(All prices subject to 5% GST)


1x Weekly Training

Cost Breakdown: $75 monthly

Choose your class and progress steadily with a minimal scheduled commitment. Best choice for those who are  on a fixed schedule but want to benefit from the consistency of a regular class thrown in the mix of their regular itinerary.

2x Weekly Training

Cost Breakdown: $115 monthly

Accelerate your understanding through increased attendance. Hive Combatives program is built to accommodate both  1x & 2x attendees without leaving anyone behind, or slowing class pace.



Unlimited Training

Cost Breakdown: $150 monthly

Let your training really thrive with full accessibility to regularly scheduled classes (Women's Only classes subject to eligibility). Fast track personal growth and progress. This membership also entitles you to 15% discount on all scheduled seminars within the gym.




Yearly Membership 

Receive a 10% discount when paying dues annually. In addition, all yearly membership holders are entitled to 15% discount on all scheduled seminars within the gym.  




Punch Pass- 12 Session

If you are not sure what your schedule is going to hold,  our punch pass system is a life saver. This is the ideal situation for shift workers and individuals who work away from home. No expiry date.


Private/ Semi-Private Training

Make the most of your training time by spending it one on one with an instructor or bring a training partner for no additional cost. Speed the pace you of the session to whatever suits you best or let your understanding grow deeper at an exponential rate with these one hour sessions. But individually or in 5 (10%)  & 10 (20%) session passes for great savings.